Twin City Carpet Cleaning offers you trustworthy, dependable and professional cleaning services. We are equipped with the most modern Carpet and Upholstery cleaning equipment to tend to all your cleaning needs. Our experience and knowledge ensure the highest standards and professional results. The heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance of your home is a job for professionals. With our wide range of cleaning methods and cleaning procedures, every corner of your home will shine with a clean brilliance.



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The Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Walkthrough:
We will begin by performing a walkthrough of all carpeted areas and/or upholstery prior to cleaning. During this time we will be able to tailor our cleaning plan specifically to your needs. Noting fiber type and soil conditions as well as possible stains.

2. Moving Furniture:
Tables, chairs and sofas will be carefully moved. Larger and heavier items, such as beds, dressers, pianos and entertainment centers will be left in place. All furniture will be protected by use of disposable blocks placed underneath furniture legs.

3. Pre-Treatment:
High traffic areas, stains and spots will be pre-treated for more effective stain & soil removal.

4. Treatment:
After our pre-treatment, our hot water extraction process will thoroughly remove dirt and soil, leaving carpets clean, fresh, and looking like new! We use water heated to a temperature between 125-230 degrees depending on the fiber type and soiling condition of the carpet. This process also removes pollens, dust mites and pollutants, improving the air quality of your home.

5. Post Treatment:
After the extraction cleaning process we will take a second look at all stains noted during our walkthrough.  If any stains are left we will utilize spot-removal techniques individual to each stain in question.

6. Drying
It usually takes no longer than a few hours for your carpets to dry.  The process may be accelerated by using household fans.


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